Caring for your Sick Hamster

How to Tell When Your Hamster is Sick?

These are the Signs and Symptoms to look out for to tell you if your hamster is ill.


  • Lethargy/ Stops moving/ Stops favourite activities
  • Keeps moving around/ scampering/ excessive digging


  • Eating too much/ Not eating at all
  • Drinking too much/ Not drinking at all


What should you do if Your Hamster is Sick?

Read up about the illness

See list of Resources here:

Seek the Vet to get treatment

See List of Vets

Employ Home Remedies

See list of home remedies here

Euthanising Your Hamster: When there is little choice and you don't want to watch him/her suffer

Methods of Euthanising Your Hamster

  • Lethal Injection by your Vet
  • Home Euthanesia by Carbon Dioxide
    • From Dry Ice
    • By Mixing acid (Vinegar) with Baking Soda