Our Tee Family Showcase Hamsters (IG: our_rambies)

Claire (Female, Dwarf, Pudding)

D.O.B. Oct 2014

Nickname: Krair Krair / Chan chan / Changirl

Best Traits: Affectionate, Calm

AFI: Messy, Greedy

Overall: Forever a Heart Ham

Yuki (Female, Syrian, White)

D.O.B. June 2014

Nickname: Mewki Yuki

Best Traits: Organised, Eats anything

AFI: Smells of poo, dislikes company

Overall: Robust, active hamster

Rumi (Female, Holland Lop, Broken Orange)

D.O.B. Feb 2014

Best Traits: Curious, Unfussy

AFI: Pees a lot, Greedy

Overall: Integrating well into the family

Scotch (Male, Syrian, Cinammon)

D.O.B Apr 2015

Full Name: Scotch Shivers Gingerly Cinnamon Croissant Tee

Nickname: Scotchie

Best Traits: Cuddly, Tidy

AFI: Timid, Fussy

Overall: Too Cute and Squishy

Bola (Male, Dwarf, Grey)

D.O.B Feb 2015

Nicknames: Bobo / Bolabo

Best Traits: Beautiful, Fearless

AFI: Messy, Frisky

Overall: A Special Place in our Hearts

Hanna@Harry (Male, Dwarf, Brown/Black)

D.O.B. Mar 2015

Best Traits: Plush Coat, Tidy Nester

AFI: Fussy Eater, Aggressive at times.

Overall: First family hamster @PP

R.I.P. Sunshine@OldManHam (Male, Dwarf, Pudding)

D.O.B. Dec 2013

Best Traits: Sprightly, Curious

AFI: Came to us with many ailments due to old age

Overall: Taught us a lot about aging