Rumi 'latte' Lapin

Introducing..... Rumi "Latte" Lapin

Rumi 'Latte' Lapin

Nicknames: RuRu, Meow Meow, Cow, Rotten Rabbit, Roaming Rabbit, Rubu, Darling, Chan Chan, Blanket, Furry, Bread, Loaf
Responds to: Rumi
Colour: White, Brown, Burnt Orange
Age: 3 years old
Gender: Female

Rumi's Regimes

 RegimeRegularityHow and What?
 Food and DietTwice a Day
  • Hay is her main diet. To be given every morning and night.
  • Pellets to supplement Hay. One handful at a time
  • Vegetables as Reward for Training (See Below)
 Water Twice a Day
  • Ensure there's at least half a container of water at all times.
 Peeing and PoopingWhenever 
  • Encourage her to pee and poop only in her cage.  
 Cage CleaningEvery 2 Days 
Once a Week
  • Lay with 8 layers of newspapers (sometimes with bedding). Below: Put some powder on the base layer to prevent sticking, above: flour or baking soda for odor/ Moisture absorption and control. Use white vinegar to mop up stains.
  • Every 2 Days to Pour liquid contents into the toilet bowl. Wrap and fold newspaper with dropped hay and poop into plastic bag for disposal.
  • May be combined with Social Community Projects Below.
 Going for Walks One a Week
  • Either in mornings or evenings. Best if on Weekend.
  • To carry her in Shoe Box, with vegetables for hydration.
  • About an hour each time to prepare her and bring her back 
  • Can combine with breakfast for US!
 Evening Furlough Evenings Bouncing and Binky Time! Free Run of house (supervised)

Training Rumi

Desired Behaviours for RumiTrigger or Stimulus Association Method  Status
 To ComeCalling Rumi Before feeding time, call for Rumi repeatedly.  She recognises her name.
To climb up onto usAldrin's "Meow Meow" Aldrin to call "Meow Meow"  when he wants her to climb up. To feed pallets by hand to entice her to come and climb up while calling "Meow Meow" Nah.
 To Pee/Poop in her Cage Only

Reward of Food 
To leave a pee pan in the same spot near her cage for her to use (smell and location association)

To immediately give her a reward of Vegetables when we spot her peeing in the cage 
 To go for walksShoebox and Vegetables 

Distract her with food

Craddle her and put on harness
To put shoebox with vegetables as a signal for her to get ready to go out 

While she is eating pellets, put harness on her.




Social/ Community Projects with Rumi

Main Idea BenefitsHow?
Community Pet in a Garden
  • Proof of concept of a Closed Looped Sustainable ecosystem
  • Community Project/ Mascot and Pet
  • Assist Animal Shelters with abandoned Rabbits
  • Create a closed-loop sustainable eco-system for a rabbit in a community garden. (To ensure that the plants exceed carrying capacity for a rabbit as food)
  • Rabbits from Shelters can be adopted for future Community Gardens
Neighborhood Pet in a Corridor
  •  The joys of Pet ownership can be shared with Neighbours
  • Pet can be useful with neighbors
  • Put Rumi in a cage outside our corridor for people to play and interact
  • Put her droppings in a bag for people to use as fertilizer or potting material. In return people can put vegetables or bedding for Rumi to Use.
Petting Therapy
  • Building Relationships between and Children/ Elders
  • Pet Education
  • Pet Well-being
  • Take her to the Childcare below for kids to play
  • Bring her for walks in evenings and interact with people, especially old folk
  • If done regularly, they can contribute to Rumi's Upkeep and wellbeing


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